How We Make Wishes Come True

How We Make Wishes Come True
"If you could for wish for anything . . .what would it be?" Wish granting starts with one question -- a wonderful and magical question that indulges the imagination and empowers the spirit. The answer can be as simple as a new puppy or as complicated as touring the Ferrari factory in Italy. The Make-A-Wish staff and its base of more than 400 caring, trained volunteers use creativity and the generosity of others to fulfill each wish.

The Foundation follows certain policies and guidelines to ensure the child's health and safety. Likewise, the child's physician and parents are consulted to ensure the best possible experience. Wishes are granted without regard to race, gender, creed, socio-economic or cultural background.

Types of Wishes
Every wish is different. And though every child imagines an experience uniquely their own, there are some common themes among the requests to Make-A-Wish:

I wish to go . . .
Some children long to visit a special place, like Hawaii to swim with the dolphins.

I wish to be. . .
Others want to "be" a cowboy, a ballerina, or a circus performer.

I wish to meet. . .
Meeting a beloved hero or celebrity is another common wish.

I wish for. . .
Acquiring that special something - a computer, new bedroom furniture or even art lessons - also brings joy and comfort to Make-A-Wish children.

Timing of Wishes
Most wishes are granted within eight weeks, though in some particularly urgent cases, within hours. Every wish is a unique challenge carried out by the Make-A-Wish network of families, medical professionals, volunteers and donors. Make-A-Wish covers all costs associated with a wish, including transportation, food, lodging and admission fees.

Qualifying for a Wish
Make-A-Wish has only three requirements: The child is between 2 1/2 and 18 years of age. The child's physician certifies that the child meets our medical criteria. The child has not received a wish from Make-A-Wish or any other wishgranting organization.

Referring a Child
Anyone can refer a child to Make-A-Wish including friends, family or even the children themselves. Nearly 80% of referrals come from the health care community; physicians, nurses and social workers. To refer a child for a wish, please contact us via e-mail at or call (800) 464-9474. Alternatively, you may use the on-line wish referral form located on our National site.

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