Thomas' Wish

Batter Up!

Wish Date: September, 2001

Wish: To be a batboy for the San Francisco Giants

In 2001, 9-year-old Thomas had already envisioned the perfect day for his wish, down to the smallest detail. Thomas explained his dream of becoming a bat boy for the San Francisco Giants. He’s a baseball aficionado devoted to the San Francisco Giants and can easily rattle off batting and field stats for each Giants player especially for his hero, Barry Bonds.

With the tremendous support of the San Francisco Giants, from both its staff and players, Thomas’ wish was fulfilled on September 6, 2001.   While Thomas suited up with the players in the locker room, his “fans” took their seats and prepared to watch Thomas perform his bat boy duties alongside his idols. By the start of the game, 19 friends and family members came to the stadium to cheer him on. The Giants players welcomed Thomas to the dugout and had him sit with them on the bench while the Arizona Diamondbacks were at bat. Rich Aurilia, the Giants’ shortstop, assured Thomas’ mother that her son would be well cared for as their bat boy.

The highlight of his day was picking up the bat after Barry Bonds hit his 60th home run. Afterwards, Barry told Thomas that he liked his head because it was bald, just like his own. Thomas loved being a bat boy and spent the entire afternoon on cloud nine. The Giants won the game and Thomas left the park with two baseballs signed by the team. He performed his duties so well, that he made the cut for next year and would be welcomed back to be a bat boy next season!

Thomas, now 11, looks back on his wish with incredible fondness.  “It brought joy and laughter to all of us.  It made my family forget all of the bad things that happened to me.”

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