How Does Make-A-Wish Foundation Help Kids With Cancer?

It is found that about 300.000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every year. These children will have one or the other wish, which has to be fulfilled to give them hope in their life. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has conducted Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to extend its support to children suffering from cancer.

The foundation grants wishes to children fighting cancer as well as recovering from it. Many studies have proven that granting a wish increases the strength and confidence of a child with a disease. It gives a lot of hope and joy to the children.

Most children who deal with critical diseases cannot enjoy a normal childhood like other children. Along with children, their family as well as their dear ones also need joy, strength, and hope. While granting a wish of the child, it creates a long-lasting memory in them. For a day, both children and their families forget all their worries.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As mentioned above, thousands of kids get diagnosed with different forms of cancer each year. Even after the advancements in modern medical technologies, cancer continues to be a life-threatening illness. The reasons that cause cancer in children under 15 are still unknown. Although there are some improvements in cancer treatments, affected children and their families have an impact on their life.

The childhood cancer awareness month from the Make-A-Wish Foundation gives more importance to all such children along with families. There is no doubt that it is a heart-wrenching disease and therefore, the foundation tries to support the children and their dear ones, providing them hope and strength in their journey.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation conducts Cancer Awareness Month in September. It is considered to be an international awareness month every year completely dedicated to raising money, support, and awareness of childhood cancer and the ways it affects children and their close ones.

The occasion will be commemorated by wearing a gold ribbon. It is an international symbol to denote childhood cancer. It is used to raise awareness for children who suffer from the disease and those who are on the path of recovering from it. In September, people wear a gold ribbon and some buildings will also be covered in golden color to raise awareness.

Every year, September is considered to be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to provide more courage and strength to children dealing with it. However, the foundation needs support from people to make this happen. During the toughest days of the life of a child and his/her family, the foundation tries to fulfill the wish of the child to provide them with a day of hope. Financial support is very important to execute this. Therefore, the foundation tries its best to get funds and donations from people all over the world. It will help the organization to grant the wishes of more people. Many celebrities and organizations also come forward to extend their support to help the foundation. You may also contribute to this initiative.

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