Community Support

Fundraising Program for School Groups

Watch some creative ways students have raised money for wishes.

During the month of March students throughout the Bay Area collected change to help fund wishes for other children.  One thing we’ve learned is pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters (and some $10’s and $20’s), add up quickly. Thanks to the efforts of all these children, we have collected over $24,000!  One student, who had a passion for Make-A-Wish, led the Pocketful of Wishes campaign at his school this year and the school raised $3,071! All we need is one champion.

Perhaps you can help us raise even more next year. We are currently trying to reach as many schools as possible with information on this campaign before they break for the summer.  Many schools will set next year’s calendar (including fundraisers) prior to the close of this year.  Others will make their decisions right at the beginning of next school year.  Does your child attend a school in one of our 17 counties that you think might be willing to participate in Pocketful of Wishes?  Do you know a teacher, a principal or school administrator who might be able to assist us?  Click here for a Registration Form.  

In addition to schools, we also received support from local businesses, who placed donation boxes at the entrance to their office or who collected change from employees returning from a coffee break.  If you think you might be able to motivate your co-workers or customers to give Make-A-Wish their change, let us know.

Please contact Development Manager Karin Seid at [email protected] or call (415) 402-2763.