David's Wish Kick-Off:  The Green Business Awards

David's father Derek, David and Bob Walsh, President of LS9

Thirteen-year-old David wants to help the environment. He has been researching renewable energy and working on a number of science projects in the hope that his ideas will one day help improve the environment. When given the opportunity to wish for anything, he decided to use his wish to help others. He wants to meet scientists who are involved in renewable energy research and share his ideas with them. Since there are so many specific alternative fuel industries, the Greater Bay Area chapter decided to send David, who is battling leukemia, on an “environmental sojourn” over the course of the next year to meet with innovators and leaders in the field.

The kick-off of David’s wish happened on June 12 at the Green Business Awards, hosted by the San Francisco Business Times at the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco. The event honored leaders and entrepreneurs in green business, clean tech, energy conservation, alternative energy and sustainable business practices. David was asked to present the award in the “Energy-Fuels” category, which was won by LS9, a South San Francisco-based bio-fuel maker which uses engineered bacteria to spin sugar and wood chips into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Unknown to David at the time was the fact that Robert Walsh, President of LS9, was planning to invite him to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony of their new building in July.  This will be just one of several sites David will be visiting in the months to come.

After the award ceremony his mother reported, “What really amazed David was the number of people there who actually listened to what he was saying!”  David has prepared a portfolio of his projects to share with the scientists he will be meeting on his environmental sojourn. 

Watch here for more information on this amazing young man as he proceeds on his selfless wish.